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Slim & Fit Optimization Report

A 100% customized optimization plan


A plan based on your bioinformation to achieve your weight loss goals

The Slim & Fit epigenetic optimization report has been designed by our scientific team, for all those health professionals who wish to have a simple to use tool and a source of bio-information to facilitate day-to-day recommendations in the process of smart, effective and healthy weight loss.

What indicators are you going to know?

The metabolism of nutrients involves hundreds of reactions that provide our body with the energy and materials necessary for its proper functioning.

A good metabolic rate can help burn more calories, slow down aging and provide more energy.

The intestinal tract and intestinal system provide most of the cellular energy and play a very important role in our immune system. Therefore, it is of vital importance to have an intestinal system that is as balanced and optimized as possible.

Free radicals do not cause oxidative damage under normal conditions because cells are provided with antioxidant mechanisms. However, when the capacity of these systems is overwhelmed by oxidative aggressions, we are faced with oxidative stress.

In special circumstances such as in weight loss diets, in order to alleviate the damage that free radicals can cause in the organism, it is indicated to protect it by increasing its antioxidant capacity through the epigenetic modulators that are key in this process.

There are epigenetic modulators that enhance or, in case of imbalance, hinder the fat burning process by speeding up our metabolism and allowing us to transform fat into energy more quickly.

By burning or mobilizing stored fatty acids, these modulators allow us to use glucose and lipids more efficiently to produce energy.