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Sport report

A 100% customized performance optimization plan


A performance optimization plan based on your bioinformation to achieve your goals

The high performance epigenetic report has been designed by specialists in the sector who collaborate with our medical team, for all those who wish to optimize their performance.

The epixlife® sport report, thanks to Cell Wellbeing® biotechnology, becomes an essential tool for all those health professionals who want to enhance the well-being and performance of their patients, as it helps them to identify the environmental influences that are affecting the athlete and that could be leading the body to a low level of performance.

By adopting and adapting our suggestions, the practitioner will be able to improve physical performance through nutritional and environmental adjustments. In this way, physical, mental and emotional capabilities will be optimized.

What indicators are you going to know?

Nutrient metabolism involves hundreds of reactions that provide our body with the energy and materials necessary for its proper functioning.
energy and materials necessary for its proper functioning.

A good metabolic rate can help burn more calories, slow down aging and provide more energy.

Poor circulation reduces the body’s ability to transport oxygen and nutrients to where they are needed. We can help optimize the circulatory system through good nutrition. Without a doubt, this is one of the most important systems in the organism of any living being.

Building muscle significantly increases metabolism, making it easier to achieve superior athletic performance.

Although nutrition alone cannot result in significant muscle growth, a balanced diet can help maintain or more effectively increase an athlete’s muscle mass.