epixlife® Team

The epixlife® team is made up of professionals from different disciplines and cultures. All members of the team share the vision of helping people live healthier and happier lives.

Esteban Peiró Monzó

Technical Director

Benyam Bou

Operating Officer

Joaquín Creixell


Nacho Casanova

Customer Care


Eva Borges

Daniela Yarossi

Marketing Manager

Josep Bonet Equipo Epixlife

Josep Bonet

Beauty Executive

Carlos Villanueva

Sales Executive – Spain

Oslec González

Sales Executive – Spain

Blanca Manzanares EpixLife

Blanca Manzanares

Country Manager – Mexico
Eva Bañuelos EpixLife

Eva Bañuelos

Sales Executive – Mexico

Ramón García Zamora​ Equipo EpixLife

Ramón García Zamora

Country Manager – Colombia
Orazio D'Urso EpixLife

Orazio D'Urso

Graphic Designer

Phil Buntine

Sanya Eng

Medical Advisor Team

Our scientific team is made up of health professionals from around the world who support the vision of helping millions of people learn about epigenetics with the goal of living a healthier life.

Dr. Milagros Arteaga Checa

Doctor in physical activity and health

Dr. Milagros Arteaga Checa is a Doctor and Professor at the University of Jaén (Spain). She is a consultant in nutrition and health collaborating in different companies aimed at intervention and health improvement from 2009 to the present, PhD in Physical Activity and Health, trained and specialized in postgraduate studies as an expert in Immunonutrition, university expert in Clinical Nutrition, specialist in Cellular Nutrition and specialist in Orthomolecular Nutrition and Supplementation and Sports Nutrition. She teaches as a guest lecturer in the Official Master’s Degree in Human Nutrition at the University of Granada, in the Master’s Degree in Physical Rehabilitation and Injury Prevention at the University of Jaén, in the Official Master’s Degree in Social Gerontology at the University of Jaén and as a professor of the subject Active Aging.

Dr. Martin Sebastián Azanza

Doctor in clinical nutrition

Dr. Martin Azanza Pellerino is an international referent Member of the International Society for Research, Health, Business Development and Technologies, is a Member of the World Association for Health Excellence, General Director of CNS Coaching, Nutrition and Health, and is also the representative in Spain of the Dr. Elsy Jimenez Foundation for the prevention and fight against cancer.

Dr. Eliselma de los Rios

Longevity Institute general director

Premio Nacional de la Mujer y de la Excelencia Profesional por parte de la Cámara Nacional de la Mujer, la Organización de Equidad de Género de las Naciones Unidas y el Salón de la Fama México Empresarial. La Dra. Eliselma está al frente del Instituto de Longevidad y forma parte de la Directiva Nacional de la Fundación Alianza por la Salud en México (FUNDAMEX), es delegada de la Asociación Hispanoamericana Ortomolecular y Antienvejecimiento (AHANOA), delegada del área de salud en la Asociación de Mujeres por México y el Mundo A.C., y miembro de The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M).

Dr. Rafael Serrano

Functional medicine doctor

Rafael Serrano is a Doctor of Medicine and Surgery, his studies have always been directed to the integral health of patients, for which he has completed various postgraduate and refresher courses in Functional Medicine, Ozone Therapy, Cell Therapy, Depurative Nutrition, Medical Homeopathy, Neural Therapy, Antiaging Medicine and Orthomolecular Medicine in different countries such as Argentina, Italy, Colombia, Brazil, Peru and the United States.

Dr. Victor J. Matos

Medicine doctor

Dr. Matos holds a Doctor of Medicine degree from the Universidad Iberoamericana in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. He specializes in Cardiovascular Anesthesia and Critical Care Medicine, also holds a Master’s degree in Molecular Biology from Las Americas Health Science Center and is currently a PhD candidate in Health Sciences at Atlantis University.

Dr. Andrea Rodriguez Franco

Anti-aging and aesthetic medicine

Dr. Andrea Rodriguez Franco is a reference in Antiage Medicine and Aesthetic Medicine in Argentina and Spanish speaking countries. She graduated from the University of Buenos Aires, with specialization in Pediatrics, Aesthetic Medicine and Antiage Medicine, as well as Ozone Therapy. She has a Master’s Degree in Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Medicine from the Complutense University of Madrid. She is also the Director of the ARF Biological Medicine Clinic, a center created to accompany patients in aesthetic care, nutrition, laser surgery, sports and genomics.

Dr. Yonatan Castañeda

Medicine doctor

El doctor Yonatan Ivan Castañeda es Médico funcional especializado en medicina antiaging, sueros antioxidantes, desintoxicantes y terapia celular regenerativa, además, es el Director General de Youth Clinical Center.

Dr. Anabela Martins


Anabela Martins is a nutritionist specialized in pharmacology and sports nutrition, in direction and management of health services. She is also an expert in active cellular nutrition, nutrigenomics, naturopathy and different natural therapies such as phytotherapy, oligotherapy and Bach flowers.

Michelle Peiret

Health coach specialized in nutrigenomics

Michelle Peiret is a specialist in Nutrigenomics training in the Detox area certified by the Spanish Institute of Nutrigenomics and accredited at The Harvard Medical School in Nutrition and Metabolic Syndrome and specialist in Obesity of the ICNS Spain. As a health coach, her mission is to help people improve their quality of life through her detoxification, cellular regeneration, blood alkalinization and exercise plans.

Dr. Roberto Diaz Celaya


Dr. Roberto D. Celaya has performed an average of 35,000 cardiovascular studies using non-invasive technologies, is a reference in the Wellness sector in Mexico and the United States. D. in Naturopathy from the University of Chicago in 2010 and President and Co-Founder of Natural Life Technology, a leading company in Nutraceuticals.

Dr. Ale Álvarez

Life and social-emotional development coach

Alejandra Alvarez, diabetic since she was 14 years old, began to write in her diaries how difficult it was to live her reality, which pushed her to make a change in her life. She has given hundreds of talks in Mexico and the United States, she is currently a Life Coach and Socio-Emotional Development Coach, besides being a Holistic Nutrition Coach.

Dr. Donato Mendez Segura

Internist geriatrician

Dr. Donato Méndez Segura has dedicated his entire life to medicine, during his career he has been trained and specialized in the following disciplines: Medical Surgeon, specialist in Internal Medicine, diploma in Geriatrics and Anti-Aging, specialist in Revitalization, Obesity, Physical Improvement and Successful Aging, diploma in Panic Healing and diploma in Interdimensional DNA Reprogramming.

Virginia Elizabeth De la Cruz Gtz.

Pharmaceutical chemist and biologist

Virginia Elizabeth De la Cruz is a Pharmaceutical Chemist and Biologist specialized in Food Technology from the Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara (UAG) and has a Master of Science in Quality Assurance from California State University-Dominguez Hills. Certified in Nutrition and Wellness in the US. She is the director of the Health and Wellness division of Consultec, an international firm that has been promoting integral solutions for productivity and human wellness in the workplace since 1995. She has worked at the management level for several years for leading companies in the food industry. He has collaborated for the Continuing Education Division of the Monterrey Technological System and for the Schools of Chemical Sciences and Medicine of the UAG. He is an international lecturer on health and wellness topics. Former President of the Association of Food Technologists (Jalisco, MX). Homologous organization to the IFT (Institute of Food Technologists) in the US.

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Our offices

We are located at the BioHub in Valencia, a privately managed Spanish business center designed and dedicated to biotechnology, pharmaceutical, health and technology companies, and in Mexico City, at the Forum Naucalpan.

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