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Optimization Beauty Report

100% customized Beauty plan


A beauty plan based on your bioinformation to achieve your goals

Taking care of our appearance is key to feeling good inside and out. Smooth, glowing skin, strong nails, healthy and abundant hair or a well-groomed appearance provide us with well-being.

To maintain youthfulness, it is important to ensure that all internal and external processes are working in harmony and balance at optimal levels.

The Beauty epigenetic optimisation report is also designed to highlight many of the common environmental influences that can have an effect on the health, well-being and appearance of hair, skin and nails.

The Beauty epixlife® report, thanks to Cell Wellbeing® biotechnology, becomes an essential tool to help you guide your clients on a path of beauty optimization, following specific indicators to achieve the desired balance.

What indicators are you going to know?

Healthy hair, skin and nails are general indicators of well-being. Having the right nutrients in the diet and avoiding harmful environmental elements can play a key role in hair, skin and nail health.

To get the maximum results from an optimization plan, you must take into account the different factors that can influence the quality of your skin, hair and nails, both from the inside (nutritional intake, water supply) and from the outside (stress, environment or cosmetic products).