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Age Management report

100% customized optimization plan to prevent premature aging


An age management plan based on your bioinformation to achieve your goals

The age management epigenetic report has been designed by specialists in the sector who collaborate with our medical team, for all those women between 35 and 60 years of age, aware that through prevention they can preserve their natural beauty as time goes by.

The most evident signs of aging are manifested in the skin, the most extensive organ of the body, which reflects how oxidative stress and free radicals accelerate cellular aging, in those organisms that are not taken care of in an integral way (nutrition, hydration, habits, rest, toxic exposure, skincare).

This is where the epixlife® anti-aging report, thanks to Cell Wellbeing® biotechnology, becomes an essential tool to complement and improve the results in a natural way of any aesthetic medical treatment.

What indicators are you going to know?

The quality of proteins and elastic fibers is essential to maintain skin firmness and overall muscle tone. When they decline, furrows and other changes appear that affect the appearance of the face and body silhouette.

Through the epigenetic indicators to be enhanced, we will seek to increase the production of proteins that favor muscle firmness.

An elastic skin is an effective tool against wrinkles as it is less prone to damage due to facial mimicry.

The muscle contractions that occur when we laugh (more than 12 muscles) or make repeated gestures can damage the skin, but an elastic skin is more resistant to these repetitive facial movements.

It is an approach that involves healthy and conscious eating, physical activity and emotional care.

It is about eliminating toxins from the body naturally, without resorting to extreme products or treatments, and promoting a balanced and sustainable lifestyle in the long term.

Our nutritional habits are fundamental to sustaining and maintaining many of the basic bodily mechanisms critical to aging processes.

These processes are driven by the body’s physiology and are influenced by epigenetic factors.

The metabolism of nutrients groups hundreds of reactions that provide the body with the energy and materials necessary for its proper functioning.

A good metabolic rate will help you burn more calories, give you more energy and slow down aging!