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Smart Nutrition for you

The perfect balance for your vegan lifestyle!

By using our biotechnology, we analyze the expression of your genes to interpret more than 96 epigenetic indicators and we propose a 100% personalized nutritional optimization plan.

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Improve your absorption of nutrients with the Epixlife Test for Vegans

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How to achieve an optimal combination of nutrients in Veganism?

Your test includes

We analyze 96 biomarkers and show you the most relevant indicators for your body so that you can focus on them.

The Plan includes an analysis of the following Epigenetic Markers and Systems:

With the results of your Epignetic Test, you will know what foods and additives you should avoid during the optimization plan, as well as what are the your nutritional necessities at the cellular level.


You will find a Personalized Optimization Plan easy to follow as it is divided into what we recommend to do and what we recommend avoid doing. To design this specific plan for you, we collect, analyze and process all the results and details of your Epigenetic Profile, such as Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids, Antioxidants, Essential Fatty Acids and more than 96 Indicators.


Presonalized Nutritional Recommendations from our professional to help you in achieving your health and wellness goal.

You will discover the priorities of your body

We will give you recommendations for a balanced vegan diet based on your nutritional needs at the cellular level.


Find out what vitamins you need to put into your diet to get your energy back!

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We analyze the essential minerals your body needs. Keep your body healthy!

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We show you the ideal antioxidants for you to prevent and delay your cellular aging.

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Fatty Acids

Fatty Acids are the body's main sources of energy. Find out which ones you need!

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Amino Acids

Discover the essential amino acids that will help you prevent injury and achieve your goals.

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Microbiome Indicators

Learn about 4 microbiome factors you can optimize to improve your immune system.

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Frequency Interference

Find out how technology interferes with your cellular expression.

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Environmental Impact

Protect your body from the negative effects of the environmental challenges

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An easy and intuitive Smart Health Platform

With our Epixlife Test, you will have unlimited access to our E-Health Platform where you will find the most relevant information to achieve your goals.

We will help you to follow your Epixlife Program by sending your CAN Plan, tips and personalized instructions.

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Our science, your health

It is scientifically proven that the environment alters our health by affecting the proteins that turn certain genes on or off. With a simple epigenetic test and the algorithms developed by our experts, we analyze and interpret over 96 of your biomarkers to understand how your environment affects your digestive, metabolic, and immune health. 

Based on your epigenetic profile, we design the nutrition plans, personalized food recommendations and detoxification tips that will optimize your vegan lifestyle and keep you at your healthiest.

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Epixlife adapts to the vegan lifestyle to boost and improve your body

Optimization Plan for Vegans | Epixlife
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An optimization plan that is adapted to your lifestyle

A balanced vegan diet can provide a number of health and environmental benefits, however, it can also trigger deficiencies, especially in vitamin B12, iron, calcium, protein, and fatty acids. Epixlife's smart nutrition plan will show you the necessary steps to take to optimize your wellbeing with small and simple changes of your diet.


Why the Epigenetic Report for Vegans?

If you have decided to opt for a vegan diet, you should know what nutrients your body needs to function properly at the cellular level.

Currently, there are a number of risks associated with nutrient necessities at the cellular level that may be linked to a vegan diet. That is why our EpixLife Epigenetic Studies allow you to access your epigenetic nutritional needs while only recommending foods that fit your lifestyle.

What is analyzed in my EpixLife Epigenetic Profile?

We analyze the markers of the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fatty acids and amino acids via genetic expressions. We also evaluate the functionality of your immune system (intestinal health, sleep, cardiovascular system, energy production, stress, cellular hydration), environmental stressors (heavy metals, chemicals and hydrocarbons, electrosensitivity, radiation), microbiome indicators and much more to create your Epigenetic Report.

How will I receive my results?

Your results will be displayed on our EpixLife eHealth Platform 4.0, which you can access with personal credentials provided on purchase of an EpixLife test kit. You’ll always have access to your reports as well as the constant support of our team of professionals, always here to help you towards your goals.

What is in my Epigenetic Sample Kit?

Once you purchase the EpixLife Report, we will send you an Epigenetic Sample Kit to use it for the extraction. Each Kit contains 5 items that are necessary for the correct procedure. 

Your Epigenetic Kit Contains:

1. Return Mailer 2. Biopack 3. Glove 4. Tweezers 5. Hermetic bag

What is in my Epigenetic Sample Kit? | Epixlife

Will you tell me about Food Intolerances?

It is important to reiterate that this test is NOT for allergies. It is easy to confuse allergy and sensitivity or intolerance, as the different terms are often used interchangeably, leading to misinterpretation.

Our Epigenetic Tests show you your Food Sensitivities.

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