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Simple Sample Extraction

5 steps and 5 hairs

All our biotechnology, science and development of our scientific medical teams, as well as the most innovative platform of E-Health 4.0, can be reached through only 5 steps and a sample of 5 hair strands.

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How does it work?

Through the extraction of only 5 hair strands, we collect the bioinformation contained in your hair and interpret it to understand the expression of your DNA. We use our biotechnology to get these results and show you the Nutritional and Environmental Indicators that you should prioritize to optimize your wellbeing and achieve your goals through our E-Health 4.0 platform.

Why do we use hair for the test?

The root of the hair or bulb is the only part of the hair that is alive. Meaning it is able to self-regulate and self-replicate. It feeds from the blood vessels that bring information and nutrients from the systemic microcirculation which is subcutaneous through the papilla.

The hair and its bulb is in fact an antenna, that is constantly sensing and thus detecting environmental signals emanating from the micro and macro environment.