How can Epigenetics help you as a professional?

In Epixlife we empower health professionals with the latest biotech and make it possible to implement epigenetic testing to your service.

Why Epixlife?

A fast, simple and efficient approach.

Differentiate yourself as a professional

Implement innovation in your practice with the bioinformation provided by Epixlife technology and become a specialist in Epigenetics.

Increase the value of your service

Epixlife's epigenetic reports give you precision and personalized solutions to improve the well-being and performance of your patients.

Exponentially growing market

Become a professional in the field of epigenetics at the hands of the Epixlife team and receive training and support from our Marketing agency.

Indispensable tool for your consultation

By analyzing more than 96 epigenetic biomarkers in a simple and fast way, you will be able to offer a personalized and healthy nutritional solution for your clients.

Professional endorsed by Epixlife

Become an Epixlife Partner and belong to the Epixlife professional community.

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Use the trusted technology

With Epixlife you will have access to the Cell Wellbeing® S-Drive device with which you can evaluate more than 96 epigenetic markers of your patient in 15 minutes to process and offer a complete epigenetic report.

The technology has the ISO EN 13485: 2012 certificate, with all the corresponding regulations to offer the highest quality standard, guaranteeing the precision and reliability of the results.


Analyze your patient's nutritional and environmental epigenetic markers and access their bioinformation:

  • Nutritional markers (vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fatty acids, amino acids)

  • Microbiome indicators

  • Sensitivity to Foods and Additives for the next 90 days

  • Levels of Toxins, Radiation and exposure to Electromagnetic fields

  • Indicators to optimise Immune, Intestinal, Cardiovascular and Metabolic systems

  • List of recommended foods based on test results

How it works

A fast, simple and efficient approach.

Get the S-Drive and a test pack

Get your S-Drive device to start offering epigenetic tests.

Take a sample and process it

Insert 5 strands of rooted hair into the S-Drive device.

step3 receive the result
Receive results in 15 minutes

When the results are ready, you can generate a personalized PDF report with your logo.

step4 recommendations
Make personalized recommendations

Use the qualitative results to make your nutritional recommendations.

step4 provide pdf
Provide the Epigenetic Report

You can generate and print or send the personalised report to your customer.

Offer a unique service to differentiate yourself

With the Epixlife Pro Platform you can generate customised epigenetic reports with your own logo to differentiate yourself from your competitors and enhance your brand.

Receive, visualise and personalise the results of all your patients quickly and easily!


Provide a Report according to your client's goals

Know the bioinformation of your patients and offer personalized epigenetic reports.

You can generate up to 4 different types of reports!


Access to Epixlife Agency services

Access over 300 marketing resources such as videos, designs and social media posts. Plus, while you spend your time and effort taking care of your patients, Epixlife's marketing agency will take care of attracting new potential clients to your practice.


Let's work together

At Epixlife we firmly believe that through bio information we can reach a deeper understanding of patients' nutrient necessities at the cellular level.