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Wellbeing program created just for you

Our Epixlife Tests analyze Nutritional Markers to provide you a smart wellness program that changes with you, as it is based on your real needs at the cellular level. Our Medical-Scientific team has developed the CAN Plan that will guide you towards your goals.

Discover what the expression of your genes tells you: | EpixLife

Discover what the expression of your genes tells you:

Find out what your body needs by analyzing the expression of your DNA. We analyze over 96 biomarkers to come up with a specific plan based on your bioinformation. The EpixLife System makes small changes in your diet based on your body's needs.

The CAN Plan

The specialized CAN Plan according to your Epigenetic Report is divided into three phases: what we recommend you do, what we ask you to avoid doing for at least 90 days and the follow-up we do. This is how your CAN PLAN will be displayed based on your bioinformation.



This section will show the recommendations to follow in order to cleanse your body of different harmful factors that were identified through the analysis of the collected epigenetic indicators.



This section will show you the recommendations that will help to prepare your body for the correct absorption of the necessary nutrients obtained through the analysis of your epigenetic profile.



Eat what your body absorbs. In this step, you will have access to the list of foods to eat based on your epigenetic profile analysis.

You will discover the priorities of your body

Through a qualitative study, we analyze 94 biomarkers to propose a plan based on your real needs and we show you the most relevant indicators for your body so that you can focus on improving them.


Recover your energy and vitality by recovering the vitamins your body is under-absorbing or missing.

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Keep your systems healthy and relieve stress by checking on your body’s mineral levels

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Analyzing your antioxidant intake can help you prevent and delay the cellular aging process

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Fatty Acids

Fatty acids are the body's main sources of energy. Give your body a boost by understanding your current levels.

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Amino Acids

Discover the essential amino acids that will help you prevent injuries and strengthen your immunity

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Microbiome Indicators

Learn about 4 microbiome factors that you can easily heal to prevent illness and regulate your digestive health.

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Interference Frequency

Discover how modern technology interferes with your cellular expression and wellbeing

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Environmental Impact

Protect your body from the negative impact that the environment around you might have

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Strengthen your Immune System

The epigenetic analysis allows to naturally enhance the Immune, Cardiovascular, Metabolic and Intestinal Systems. We will show you the nutrients and indicators that will help you optimize each of these systems based on your epigenetic profile, one of the most advanced ways to strengthen your systems.

immune system platform
Immune System

Improve your Immune System through the correct intake of the nutritional indicators that your body really needs to increase your natural resistance.

gut system platfrom
Gut Support

The proper functioning of your Gastrointestinal System will help to process the necessary nutrients and discard all those that are not needed in your body.

cardiovascular platform
Cardiovascular System

Certain nutritional habits can create specific physical problems related to your heart function. Explore how to optimize your Cardiovascular System.