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Our mission is to help millions of people improve their health and well-being with healthier lifestyles, we also believe that bringing true and accurate information developed by experts is a good measure to achieve our mission.

The science of loose weight ebook epixlife

The science of weightloss

Weight loss is a topic that always gives people talk. There are a thousand and one ways to lose weight, millions of diets, cookbooks, approaches, regimens, tricks ... but, unfortunately, most of these do not have any scientific evidence and, just as they can work in some cases, in the most can fail.

In this eBook we will not tell you about any miracle diet. Nor will we give you a specific method to lose weight or tell you that our method is the absolute truth. Because we would be lying to you. We want that, thanks to your reading, you learn to eat, learn about nutrition and truly learn how certain factors help you or They hurt you when you try to lose weight. And that way, you find your own way and the method that works for you, you like and makes you happy.

Nutrition for them-Cover Pic

Nutrition for them

Nutrition for Women is a book designed for women. Written by our Nutritionist Andrea Sarahí Díaz, from the Epixlife team. Nutrition is something that can benefit us all, but usually its benefits are related to preventing disease, losing weight or gaining muscle mass. What if I told you that nutrition can also make you look young, gleaming, healthy? Or what can help you stay in tune with your menstrual cycle? Sometimes women know more about nutrients such as collagen, vitamins C and E, biotin, etc. of cosmetic products such as creams or oils… But beauty can start from within. This is exactly the goal of this eBook. Show women how to get nutrition that gives them radiant, moisturized and flawless skin, shiny, silky hair, how to achieve a diet and lifestyle that matches their menstrual cycle and that keep healthy and young. We hope you enjoy reading this eBook very much and that it helps you listen to your body better, take care of yourself, be more confident and in tune with yourself.

A solution for every objective

Currently, we offer different types of optimization reports adapted to each person's objective, these are some of them:

Epixlife Test for Wellness&Health
Optimize Wellness Plan

The EpixLife Wellness Optimization Plan is perfect for those who want to:

  • Lose weight
  • Strengthen your immune system
  • Slow down the aging process
  • Enhance your cognitive skills
  • Neutralize environmental radiation levels
Epixlife test for Sports Performance
Optimize Sport Plan

Our Athletic Optimization Test improves your resistance, speed, and strength. It’s perfect for:

  • Professional Athletes
  • High-performance sport players
  • Amateur athletes
  • Fitness buffs
  • Exercise enthusiasts
  • Non-competing sports lovers
Test Epixlife for Vegan square icon
Optimize Vegan Plan

Developed to balance any type of diet, the EpixLife Vegan Diet Optimization Test is great for:

  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Pescatarians
  • Flexitarian
  • Ethical Vegan
  • Plant-based diet