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At Epixlife we give everyone the power to integrate latest biotech solutions into their service and help millions of people to find their way to optimal health and wellbeing.Epixlife mission is to build the bridge between the health professionals and latest technologies to make accurate diagnostic testing and completely personalised approach to healthcare a reality.

We are dedicated to innovation in health industry and our medical-scientific team is always up-to-date with latest methods and technologies available. We are constantly working on integrating more biotech, creating more accurate, informative, and effective wellness plans for both individuals and practitioners.

La informacion long

The solution that ends miracle diets: epigenetics with a Spanish postcode

Epixlife develops a test that identifies the nutritional needs of the person and analyzes more than 94 biomarkers through a sample of 5 hair strands.

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La Vanguardia

Personalized nutrition and wellbeing based on the study of hair from Valencia

Epixlife analyzes hair samples to detect food deficiencies and environmental exposure that may affect your body. Based on this study, they develop personalized plans that optimize nutrition and wellbeing.

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Meet Our Team of Health Professionals

The EpixLife team is a multi-disciplinary group of leading health professionals from around the world who are committed to helping millions of people enhance their nutrition and live healthier lives.

Dra. Milagro Artiaga
Dr. Milagros Arteaga ChecaDoctor in Physical Activity and Health
Dr. Martin Azanza Pellerino
Dr. Martin Sebastián AzanzaDoctor in Clinical Nutrition
Dra. Eliselma
Dr. EliselmaCEO of Longevity Institute
Dr.Rafael Serrano
Dr. Rafael SerranoM.D. specialized in Functional Medicine
Dr Victor j. Matos | Epixlife
Dr. Victor J. MatosM.D.
Dra. Andrea Rodriguez Franco Epixlife
Dr. Andrea Rodriguez FrancoAnti-Age Aesthetic Medicine
Dr. Yonatan Castañada
Dr. Yonatan CastañedaFunctional Medicine
Dra. Anabela Marinez
Dr. Anabela MartinsNutritionist
Michelle Peiret
Michelle PeiretHealth Coach Specialized in Nutrigenomics
Dr. Roberto Celaya
Dr Roberto Diaz CelayaNaturopath
Maria Alejandra Alvarez
Ale ÁlvarezLife and Socio-Emotional Development Coach
Dr.Donato Mendez
Dr. Donato Méndez SeguraGeriatric Internist
Dr.Arquímedes Oramas Vargas
Dr. Arquímedes Oramas VargasSurgical Doctor
Virginia Elizabeth De la Cruz
QFB Virginia Elizabeth De la Cruz Gtz.Chemistry Pharmaceutical Biologist

Our achievements speak for themselves

We are proud to be awarded as one of the most innovative companies in the Spanish market in the year 2020 and have been recognized for the difference we’re making in personalized health & wellbeing.

premio AJEV | Epixlife

Meet our team

The Epixlife Team is made up of professionals from different disciplines and cultures. All members of the team share the vision of "Making people live healthier and happier lives"

Esteban Peiro Epixlife
Dr Esteban Peiró MonzónTechnical Consultant
Joaquin Creixell
Joaquín CreixellCSO
Ben 500
Benyam BouFounder & CEO
Anastasia 500
Anastasija RibakaChief Product Officer
Maria GimenezPersonalized and Community Nutrition Specialist
Andrea Sarahí DíazNutritionist
Miquel 500
Miquel Bombardó BledaGrowth Marketing & Video Manager
Nacho Casanova
Nacho CasanovaCustomer Care
Jordi SolerSales Executive